The Peñón de Ifach, or a natural sailboat attached to the land

Abahana Villas - Aerial view of the Rock of Ifach in Calpe.
Abahana Villas - Aerial view of the Rock of Ifach in Calpe.

Symbol of the Costa Blanca, this huge and unique outcrop of limestone rises 332 metres above the Mediterranean, and is one of the most beautiful geographical features of the Valencia Region.

From its privileged position in the town of Calpe, it was used in the past as a refuge and watchtower on the lookout for potential pirate attacks and merchant ships.

Today it is a mecca for rock climbers and divers from all round the world, who test their prowess on its vertical faces and the depths of the surrounding waters.

There are organised outings all day long for those wishing to discover at first hand the natural treasures and outstanding views offered by the Peñón de Ifach Headland.

The climb takes approximately two hours, beginning at the Nature Park facilities. On the way hikers can observe the typical flora and fauna of the region before reaching the various viewing platforms which are an almost obligatory stopping point in order to take in the incredible panoramas to be seen.

To the south the "Serra Gelada Nature Park", to the west the protected landscape of the "Puig Campana" and the "Sierra de Aitana", and ahead, marking the end point of Calpe Bay, the "Morro de Toix".

The more intrepid will want to continue their climb through the tunnel and along a tricky path, although of course those who reach the summit will then enjoy the full sensation offered by mother nature.


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